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How many times have you got quotes from various contractors to do work around your home, and all the quotes come completely different from each other?  How do you compare them, which one is accurate, and are they all quoting the same thing?  These are the struggles we hear about so often, and the solutions may be easier than you think.

Whenever getting work quoted out, it’s important to understand that all renovations have 3 main variables to compare to each other.  So knowing each of these variables before talking with contractors can help develop the perfect design for you, and keeps quotes focused on what’s being done, so that they’re easier to compare to each other.

The 3 main variables are: function, cost, and esthetics.  I list them in this order purposely because these are the way they should be followed.  Sadly, many home owners use the order: esthetics, cost, function.  For example, it’s so easy to go online and look at some amazing ideas, or get inspired by a loved one who just had a renovation… and we all get swept up by the idea of how amazing we can make our homes look… so we think of what we want our space to look like first.  Then, we contact contractors for quotes and find out how much it’s going to cost.  Lastly, when the job is completed, we adapt our living habits to accommodate the new space.

The challenge with this procedure is that once the first step is achieved, and you have a beautiful image in mind for your renovation, you might be having things quoted, and don’t realize that minor changes ‘may’ result in huge savings.  Or, you limit the chances of hearing what others have to say, and seeing other possibilities you didn’t even consider.  So focusing on the esthetics first doesn’t allow for a smooth transition into costs (or function… because not everything that looks amazing, will work amazing for you and your family).

However, if you follow the steps: function, cost, esthetics… it will help in many ways.  So first, understand the need for this renovation and how it can improve the quality of your life.  If you’re thinking of a new deck for example, focus on the overall size, and how it will accommodate your furniture.  Don’t worry about the details yet of what colour the deck boards need to be, or the cool style railings, or multi levels… that will come later.  If you can focus on just the functions, then you can develop a design accordingly, and not design anything too big or too small… you’re designing something that’s just right.

Once that’s completed, have them all quoted out like that.  Keeping the design simple makes it easier for contractors to quote exactly what you want, and allows you to compare them with each other easier too.  Plus, it helps illustrate a “threshold” of what you need, and if the costs of that don’t fit in your budget, then don’t proceed with a renovation at that time because it doesn’t matter how much you saved if it doesn’t fit your needs.  Conversely, if all quotes come under your budget, then you know you can proceed, and now you can take the difference (budget – quote), and put that money towards the esthetics of the project.  At that time, you can determine if each one of the esthetic features are worth their costs and how important they are to you (some will be, and some may not… but that’s ok).  Follow these steps, in this order, and quoting renovations will prove to be much easier.

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Specialists in building custom decks and legal finished basements since 2010, Bill and Adam have been working together and proudly putting smiles on client’s faces for over 10 years now. Our motto is “we build quality”, and we are proud of the work we do and the high satisfaction levels of our clients.

Bildam Home Improvements also provides building permit services to alleviate the difficulty and responsibility of this process. Permits are an important aspect of any renovation, and we make sure everything is done to code, and make sure this process is one less thing you have to worry about as a client.

Our goal is to make the experience of hiring a contractor an enjoyable one so you’ll refer us to your friends and family over and over again.

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