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#1 – Quoting Accuracy

Everyone’s heard the story of a contractor who starts a job, and then mid-way through the project claims they need to charge more.  This can occur for numerous reasons, but the main ones are the contractor either didn’t grasp the scope of work accurately when quoting it, didn’t anticipate specific obstacles, doesn’t own the correct tools which allow them to work efficiently and keep costs down, or didn’t understand the customer’s objectives and quoting something that doesn’t reflect the customers wish list.


#2 – Efficiency

Contractors who specialize take the time to review the job properly going into it, and have detailed conversations with all the possibilities that can arise, so the customer knows what to anticipate before renovations begin.  As a result of the contractor knowing the type of project so well, they can assist the customer in making all (or most) of the necessary decisions in advance.  The contractor can then schedule any necessary trades, order the correct materials, get proper permit approvals, and plan the job so everything runs as smooth as possible. Plus, over time, they equip themselves with all the necessary tools so they can complete projects properly and affectively.


#3 – Legalities

So many times, customers are informed they don’t require permits to do certain projects, when in fact they do.  Or, customers hire a contractor, and that contractor performs all aspects of work to the project but doesn’t obtain all the necessary insurances to do so (general contractors shouldn’t be doing electrical work, and plumbers shouldn’t be installing shingles to your roof… these should be obvious, but they occur all the time).  Specialists know when a permit is required as it pertains to their projects, what insurances they require, and what trades should be involved.


#4 – Referrals/Photos

Well informed customers always make sure to check references before hiring a contractor.  If you’re hiring a specialist, it’s much easier to get referrals from the contractor that is similar to the project you want to complete.  Thus, allows you to ask specific questions (did the contractor finish on time, were there unforeseen challenges, what security measures did the contractor take to protect your investment and your home, etc.).  Plus, when a contractor specializes, they can capture many pictures of their work, which allows the home owner to see different ideas and possibilities rather than the dreaded line I hear from so many non-specialty contractors “trust me… I do really good work”.


#5 – Professionalism/Experience

Specialty contractors are better equipped to advise the customer on their projects.  They understand the task at hand, and when listening to the customers wants and needs, they can offer great suggestions on how to obtain that in the renovation.  All this comes through years of experience & educations, and it all adds up to a reliable and professional experience for the customer.

Bildam Home Improvements


We Build Quality

Specialists in building custom decks and legal finished basements since 2010, Bill and Adam have been working together and proudly putting smiles on client’s faces for over 10 years now. Our motto is “we build quality”, and we are proud of the work we do and the high satisfaction levels of our clients.

Bildam Home Improvements also provides building permit services to alleviate the difficulty and responsibility of this process. Permits are an important aspect of any renovation, and we make sure everything is done to code, and make sure this process is one less thing you have to worry about as a client.

Our goal is to make the experience of hiring a contractor an enjoyable one so you’ll refer us to your friends and family over and over again.

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